Impact of Hand Signals on Safety: Two Controlled Studies With Novice E-Scooter Riders


The introduction of micro-mobility, such as e-scooters, brings new challenges. Nevertheless, these trend devices are spreading rapidly without a comprehensive study of their interactions with other road users. For example, many countries currently require drivers of e-scooters to signal turns by hand. In this work, we investigate whether e-scooter riders can do this without losing control and whether they perceive hand signals as safe enough to use in traffic. We have conducted two studies with 10 and 24 participants, respectively. Each participant was able to perform hand signals without apparent problems. We also observed an intensive training effect regarding the handling of e-scooters. Nevertheless, our results indicate that a considerable number of inexperienced riders will, outside the laboratory, turn without signs with the currently prevailing e-scooter designs and regulations due to uncertainties.

12th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications