Accessible Automated Automotive Workshop Series (A3WS): International Perspective on Inclusive External Human-Machine Interfaces


The fact that automated vehicles will be part of road traffic raises the question of how human road users, like bicyclists or pedestrians, would safely interact with them. Research has proposed external human-machine interfaces (eHMIs) for automated vehicles as a potential solution. Concept prototypes and evaluations so far have mainly focused on young, healthy adults and people without disabilities, such as visual impairments. For a “one-for-all” holistic, inclusive solution, however, further target groups like children, seniors, or people with (other) special needs will have to be considered. In this workshop, we bring together researchers, experts, and practitioners working on eHMIs to broaden our perspective on inclusiveness. We aim to identify aspects of inclusive eHMI design that can be universal and tailored to any culture and will focus on discussing methods, tools, and scenarios for inclusive communication.

Adjunct Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications