Workshop on Prosocial Behavior in Future Mixed Traffic


“Prosocial Behavior‘‘ means cooperating and acting in a way to benefit others. Since more and more diverse road users (such as electronic bicycles, scooters, etc.) but also vehicles at different levels of automation are sharing the safety-critical road environment, acting prosocial will become increasingly important in the future for both human and automated traffic participants. A few papers so far have already begun to address this issue, but currently, there exist no systematic methodological approaches to research this area. In the proposed workshop, we plan to define more specifically what characterizes prosocial behavior in future traffic scenarios where automated and manual vehicles meet and interact with all kinds of vulnerable road users. We further want to identify important scenarios and discuss potential evaluation methods for researching prosocial behavior. Ultimately, these findings will be integrated into a research agenda actively pursued by cooperation initiated during this event.

13th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications