SAVeNoW stands for

Functional and Traffic Safety for Automated and Connected (=Vernetzte) Mobility - Benefits (=Nutzen) for Society and Ecological (=oekologische) Impact (=Wirkung).

Our Vision

is a functional, socially transparent and accepted “overall tool”, with which the relevant questions of the domains traffic efficiency, traffic safety and ecology/sustainability are analyzed and answered with solution scenarios and associated measures. The promising simulated measures can be applied in reality.

Schematische Darstellung des angestrebten Projektergebnisses von SAVeNoW

5 Work Packages

subdivide the project into the aspects::

Funktionsweise der Arbeitspakete in zwei Regelkreisen

The figure describes the overall tool as two interlocking control loops of the digital and virtual test field, which can answer the complex questions in the form of scenarios with corresponding measures and whose effectiveness can be evaluated and optimized in the control loops. A suitable IT architecture and infrastructure enable stable and secure operation. The whole is embedded in answered legal and social questions such as acceptance of the technology and data sharing versus data protection. The overall model that keeps the control loops in operation and develops them further should be operable and economical.

Simulation and Impact Analysis of Measures (SWM)

Further information on Simulation and Impact Analysis of Measures (SWM)

Virtual Testfield (VTF)

Further information on the Virtual Testfield

Digital Testfield (DTF)

Further information on the Digital Test Field

Model Structuring and Architecture (MSA)

Further information on Model Structuring and Architecture

Social Participation and Accompanying Issues (GTBF)

Further information on Social Participation and Accompanying Issues